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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Liu Weimin's Regular Press Conference on March 8, 2012

Q: Please brief us on Ambassador Li Huaxin's visit to Syria.

A: On behalf of Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi, Ambassador Li Huaxin visited Syria from March 6 to 7. He met with Syrian Foreign Minister Moualem and his deputy Arnus as well as heads of relevant opposition groups. They had an in-depth exchange of views on the current situation in Syria and discussed solutions to the Syrian issue.

Ambassador Li expounded on China's six-point proposal on the political resolution of the Syrian issue and urged the Syrian Government as well as all relevant parties to halt violence immediately, coordinate actively with the UN, the International Committee of the Red Cross and other organizations, ease the humanitarian situation in relevant areas, especially in Homs and immediately launch an inclusive political dialogue with no preconditions attached or outcome predetermined through impartial mediation of the Joint Special Envoy of the UN and the Arab League.

The Syrian Authority spoke highly of China's six-point proposal and expressed the Syrian Government's willingness to cooperate with relevant agencies of the UN in the humanitarian field based on full respect for Syria's sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity, as well as its readiness to launch a political dialogue with opposition groups with no preconditions attached. They welcomed the participation of the opposition in the dialogue process and the formation of a new Syrian Government.

Heads of relevant opposition groups hailed China's six-point proposal and expressed their objection to the external forces' interference in Syria's internal affairs as well as activities of violence.

Q: The DPRK and the US are holding consultation in Beijing on the nutritional assistance to the DPRK. What is China's comment?

A: China supports the enhancement of contact between the DPRK and the US and hopes that their meeting will make positive progress. China hopes that relevant consensus reached between the DPRK and the US in their third round of high-level dialogue will be successfully implemented through their concerted efforts so as to create conditions for the resumption of the Six-Party Talks. China will stay in close communication with both sides.

Q: The second Nuclear Security Summit and the fourth BRICS Leaders Meeting will soon be held. Which Chinese leaders will attend? What is China's expectation of the above meetings?

A: The second Nuclear Security Summit will be held in Seoul, the ROK late March. The fourth BRICS Leaders Meeting will be held in New Delhi, India late March as well. Chinese leaders will attend these meetings. We will release information in due course.

The second Nuclear Security Summit will center on enhancing the security of nuclear materials and facilities and stepping up the prevention of nuclear terrorist activities. We believe that with the concerted efforts of all sides, the meeting will be able to draw up new specific measures to enhance nuclear security. It will be conducive to building up the international community's consensus in the field of nuclear security and injecting new dynamism into relevant international efforts. China stands ready to cooperate actively with the ROK side to make the Summit a success.

The Fourth BRICS Leaders Meeting is a big event in the process of cooperation among BRICS countries. China highly applauds the positive role played by India as the host in the preparation of the meeting and would like to strengthen coordination and cooperation with India and other BRICS countries to give full play to the leading role of the leaders meeting in steering the cooperation among BRICS countries in all fields and turn the meeting into a new opportunity for all parties to broaden common ground and deepen cooperation. China would also like to take this opportunity to further enhance coordination and cooperation with India in international and regional affairs and foster peace and prosperity of the region and beyond.

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